Bringing a puppy into your family is an exciting decision, but it’s important to find a breeder you can trust. Establishing a connection with the breeder is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of your new furry friend. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 key factors to consider when choosing a breeder.

1. Trustworthiness

Choosing a breeder is a significant decision that can have a lasting impact on your life and the life of your new furry family member. It’s important to find a breeder you can trust to provide a healthy and happy puppy. Establishing a good connection with the breeder is key to building trust and ensuring that you have a positive experience.

The first step in establishing trust with a breeder is to listen to your instincts. If something feels off, it’s essential to keep looking until you find a breeder you are comfortable with. While it can be tempting to choose the first breeder you find, taking the time to research and interview multiple breeders will help you find the right match.

Asking questions is another critical aspect of finding a breeder you can trust. Don’t be afraid to ask about the breeder’s experience, their approach to breeding, and the health of their puppies. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision. A trustworthy breeder will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.

When you are evaluating a breeder, pay attention to their overall demeanor and attitude. A good breeder should be open, honest, and willing to work with you to find the right puppy. They should be passionate about their dogs and committed to providing a healthy and happy life for their puppies. If the breeder seems disinterested or unengaged, it may be a red flag that they are not the right fit for you.

2. Environment

The cleanliness of the breeder’s dogs and environment is not just a matter of aesthetics, but it can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of the puppies. A dirty or unsanitary environment can increase the risk of illnesses and diseases, which can be especially dangerous for young and vulnerable puppies. When evaluating a breeder, it’s important to find out where the mama and puppies are kept and ensure that they are in a safe and healthy environment. This includes ensuring that the dogs have access to clean water, adequate food, and a comfortable and hygienic living space.

Some breeders may not allow in-home visits, which can be a cause for concern for some potential buyers. However, it’s important to remember that this policy is often put in place to protect the health of the puppies. Instead of in-home visits, many breeders offer alternative options for viewing the puppies, such as video calls or social media updates. Getting a puppy is a big deal, so it’s crucial to be comfortable with the environment in which they start their life.

3. Health Guarantee

A genetic health guarantee is an important consideration when choosing a breeder. The breeder should be able to provide evidence that the puppies have received proper veterinary care and have been cleared of any genetic disorders. Additionally, they should visit a licensed veterinarian before going home to ensure they are healthy.

4. References

Asking for references from previous families or their veterinarian can provide valuable insight into the breeder’s reputation and the health of their puppies. Additionally, social media platforms and reviews can offer an excellent way to evaluate the breeder’s communication and their satisfaction levels with previous families.

Do they have a social media platform to post updates? If so, look through the comments from previous families. What forms of communication do they keep with their families?

5. Shared Values

When you’re looking for a breeder, it’s not just about finding someone who can provide you with a healthy and well-bred puppy. It’s also about finding someone who shares your values and goals when it comes to pet ownership. When you connect with a breeder who shares your passion for the breed and your commitment to responsible pet ownership, you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

A responsible breeder wants to ensure that their puppies go to loving and responsible homes, and they should be just as invested in finding the right match as you are. By finding a breeder who shares your values and who is interested in assessing you as a suitable owner, you can feel confident that you’re making a responsible and informed decision when bringing a new puppy into your family.

Overall, finding the right breeder takes time and effort, but it’s worth it to ensure the health and happiness of your new furry friend. By considering the trustworthiness of the breeder, the cleanliness of the environment, the presence of a genetic health guarantee, references from previous families, and shared values, you can make an informed decision. Remember to trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Making a Match: Finding a Breeder That’s Right for You

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