who are we?


I’m Amber. My husband Mingo and I have 4 children. We all chip in to breed and raise precious puppies. It really is a family affair.

Our love of Goldendoodles began about 15 years ago. My niece had a cream Goldendoodle, named Kasie. She truly changed the way I bonded with dogs. She won the heart of everyone she met. Her calm, loving, obedient, humanlike personality was unlike any other! Fast forward about 13 years to when we brought in our first Goldendoodle.  Her name is Annie, and, like Kasie, she wins the hearts of everyone she meets! She is the baby of our family!
​​We decided to venture into the breeding world after going through a traumatic experience in the past with a “backyard” breeder.  We knew that we could not change what we went through.  However, through the power of knowledge and hard work, we could try to change the meaning of breeding.  Through selective personality and genetic testing, we specifically breed puppies to have the right temperament and intelligence. We deeply believe in the ability our dogs have to bring love to families, heal hearts and save lives.  We do our part by raising healthy, happy, well-rounded puppies that are raised in an environment full of love.  Our puppies are raised right in our living room with us, getting exposed to everyday sounds, sights, and routines.  We do careful puppy evaluations to help create the perfect match for your family!
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